I love these round doughnut beds for new puppies. Something about the bolster that goes all the way around seems to comfort puppies - they are accustomed to piling up with their litter mates to nap, and the cocoon like style of these beds mimics that feel for them. I have a number of beds all shapes and sizes all through my house, but the pups I raise always seem to migrate to the doughnut beds. Very cozy! Don't get too fancy with this bed ... they'll outgrown it soon, and be ready for something bigger. And a shopping tip for ya: TJ Maxx. Cute beds, reasonably priced, great selection.

In the beginning, I just use an old towel inside the crate. Puppies get hot, and seem to prefer a cool surface rather than piles of bedding. I can always tell they rest easier if the crate contents are minimal. Old towel, one small stuffie, and that’s it. Puppy will come home with a light muslin swaddle blanket bearing our scent. Drape it over the crate rather than putting it inside. 


I’m also a big fan of the Kuranda dog beds and so are my Doodles. They are a little pricey but well worth the investment. I use these in kennels, in the barn, in the yard, on the porch. When the weather is nice, we keep them scattered all over and there is rarely a vacant one. Completely customizable color selections for frame and mat, and they sell fleece pads for them as well. My adult doodles love to lounge in the sun on these. They are practically indestructible.

I buy mine directly from the manufacturer and have them shipped .... haven’t found a local supplier for these. I did buy a copycat Kuranda bed once - it was a piece of junk and did not last. Complete waste of money. I’d recommend making the investment for the real deal if you decide to use this style.

Flat Dog Bed