Looking for a doodle and BAM! Here’s this guy! No you aren’t in the wrong place, we just have a unique situation. My momma always said I don’t let the grass grow under my feet, and she’s right. We constantly have our hands in something different around here, trying on new ideas for size. One of the new and different things we considered a couple of years back was the creation of a Golden Valley Doodles sister company …. Golden Valley Frenchies. Enter Chump. We brought this handsome fella home as a baby, with every intention of raising him to be future stud dog for a Frenchie program. And then life happened and you know - busy, busy, busy. We’ve been so wrapped up with our Doodle program, we

What is Early Neurological Stimulalation (ENS) for dogs?

In a phone conversation with a prospective client this morning, I was asked if we utilize the #ENS (#earlyneurologicalstimulation) protocol. Not a question we get very often, but I was happy to answer with the affirmative. If you’re new to the term, here’s a video demonstration of what ENS looks like and why it’s so important. Giving our Littles the best start possible! Be sure to visit our FAQ section on our website to find out more.

Saltwater - Is it bad for your doodle?

I’m a Pisces. Water is my therapy, and so I love it when my dogs enjoy the water as much as I do. Whether we are swimming in a pool, sandbar chilling on the river, or in the salty Gulf, we always take precautions to keep the doodles safe and healthy. A life jacket is a good idea and will give you peace of mind. My swimmers are skilled and strong and don’t necessarily need a vest for safety reasons, but wearing one keeps them from working too hard. This means they can enjoy the water for longer periods without exhaustion. And I love the handle on the top … a huge help when I’m pulling one back in the boat. Some dogs like to “catch” the waves in the ocean. Saltwater shouldn’t be ingested, but

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