Congrats & Welcome

We're so glad you’ve joined us! We’ll make this an unforgettable experience, one you’ll enjoy every step of the way. 

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Let the preparations begin! While you’re waiting for your new family member to join your household, there are a number of things you can do to get ready. In our list of recommendations, you’ll find a shopping guide, suggested reading, and training resources. The Baxter and Bella online training program will be your best friend. I like to see our families invest in the program before puppy comes home - they have a wonderful Puppy Prep component that will get you prepared for homecoming. 

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If you’re active in the social media world, we’d love to include you. The GVD Gathering Place is a private Facebook group, dedicated to our adoptive families and those who have deposits on a future puppy. It’s a wonderful, kind community, and a neat place to watch your puppy’s siblings grow up. Just request an add, and I’ll approve the membership.


The official Golden Valley Doodles Facebook page and our Instagram are fun places to hang out too. Always some cute puppy pics, training tips, and helpful hints.


When pups are born, we will update the website with the details. That’s also where we post individual weekly puppy pics. Tuesday will soon become your favorite day of the week, because who doesn’t like looking at puppy pics?? Bookmark the Nursery page to stay on top of updates.


Buckle up buttercup, a beautiful experience is unfolding. We’ll help you navigate the journey every step of the way!