Deposit Details

Once you've submitted an application, and we've chatted by phone or in person, the next step is a deposit. Deposits are non refundable, so let's be certain GVD is the breeder for you before submitting one.  


When availability rolls around, we offer it to our current deposit holders first, by date deposit was received.  We call our current deposit holders with the details, usually 48-72 hours after puppies are born. We'll let you know who mom and dad are, projected full grown weight, Going Home date, genders, and what Selection Position is available to you. What we are looking for at that point is a commitment (or not!) to the litter itself. 

Everyone has their own timing considerations. Maybe you're in the process of building a new home and the Going Home date doesn't jive with your schedule. Perhaps you are in the military (thank you for your service!), and have an upcoming deployment with an undetermined return date. In these and similar scenarios, our deposit holders will "pass" and wait for a future litter. (You can pass as many times as you like - there's no limit, no penalty.)

On the flip side, the litter details might just check all your boxes! If the timing is right, and you're ready to take the plunge, you'll be committing to a specific selection slot within that specific litter. You'll spend the next 7-8 weeks preparing for your puppy to come home and enjoying weekly photos of the litter. On Going Home Day, each family will visit GVD or FaceTime to select their new family member. Appointments will be made in advance, and each family selects individually. 

how much does a goldendoodle, sheepadoodle, aussiedoodle puppy cost?
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The Cost

All of our puppies are $2650, regardless of gender or color. Deposits are $300; fully transferrable but nonrefundable. The final balance of $2350 is due at pups Going Home Date. Training payment (optional) is not collected until training is complete.