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What We Offer

What We Offer
Puppy Adoption

Puppy Adoption

Aussiedoodles, Goldendoodles, Sheepadoodles, And BEST FRIENDS.
If you’ve made it this far, you probably already have a good idea of what you’re looking for in a Doodle. Pat yourself on the back - research is the right path to a successful future in puppyhood.  Our Aussiedoodles, Goldendoodles and Sheepies are very much alike in a number of ways … they are loyal, they are brilliant, they are loving. They are all wonderful family companions, and many are well suited to therapy and service environments.  How they differ is in size, activity level and compatibility for those with allergy concerns.  Our job here is to guide and direct you to the the Dood that best suits your needs. Let’s chat, shall we?

Not all doodles are created equal. If you’ve researched and read, you’ve likely come across some conflicting information along the way. Example: one of the most common misconceptions (among Goldendoodles) is that the F1b generation is the ONLY non shedding cross. Not true.  There are other generations who are allergy friendly with no shedding, including the multigenerational and backcross pups here at GVD. Because hybrids are not recognized by AKC or UKC, there is no definitive “standard” for doodles. We don’t need a governing body to give us a road map, though. We know what produces great puppies, and that’s where we place our focus.

Puppy Training

Puppy Training

Crate Training Program
Yep.  We do that too! Raising a puppy is not rocket science, but let’s face it, puppyhood isn’t for everyone. We get that.  Maybe you have 3 kids to put on the bus by 7:05am, and you’re off to your workplace for the rest of the day. With a schedule like that, you can’t afford to miss precious hours of sleep. We’ll take the sleepless nights with our crate training program, so you are relaxed and ready to take on your new baby’s adjustment period.  One week is all it takes!  At the end of one week, your puppy will know his or her name, will know the verbal kennel up command “Go to your room”, will sleep an uninterrupted 6-8 hours/night, and will not have accidents in the crate. We train to your schedule, not ours. 

Behavioral Training Program
Those first few weeks of puppyhood are trying, indeed.  Potty accidents, your favorite shoes destroyed, furniture chewed up …. been there. And the kids! They get excited, they run, they squeal, and then suddenly they are in tears. Puppy thinks this is a game - high pitched squeals (including crying!) entice the puppy to amp it up, not down. So now the kids who spent the last year begging for a puppy are terrified of those razor sharp teeth, and covered in scratches from puppy's nails. Sounds like fun, right?
You’re kiddos won’t bond well, you’ll be frustrated, puppy will feed off your energy, and we go from bad to worse. Bypass it.  Let us teach your puppy the importance of canine manners.The result is proper social development which gives you a lifetime of peace and harmony with your dood.
In two months time, puppy will:

  • be fully crate trained

  • know how to mand (sit politely for attention / affection)

  • know not to jump, nip or otherwise antagonize your littles 

  • know how to lead, so you have a pup who is a pleasure to walk, not a chore

  • “travel” in a number of ways: car, truck, golf cart, bobcat, tractor, motor boat, paddle boat, on foot, in shopping carts

  • learn how to handle themselves in different or uncertain social situations

  • have swimming lessons (weather permitting)

  • be exposed to all manner of potentially frightening noises (chainsaws, firecrackers, gunfire, sirens, trains

  • learn to live within a pack situation, and how to handle themselves (submit) to other dogs; pecking order.

  • learn and adhere to a schedule of potty, eat, play, sleep

  • have spa days to acclimate them to nail cutting, clippers, scissoring (your groomer will thank you! this is a biggie!) 

  • have all age appropriate vaccinations and preventative care

Puppy is exposed to as many social situations as possible, which makes transitioning a breeze.  They are conditioned, desensitized, and eager to please. When they come home, you are able to focus on bonding with your new bestie, instead of prying the lamp cord or houseplant out of their jaws. Please realize there is a commitment and level of responsibility on our trainees' families too .... while puppy will "know" plenty, that doesn't always mean they will "perform". They are like children - just because they know how to do something, does not necessarily mean they will. Their handler must follow through and continue to build on the foundation they get here with us. We introduce the concepts, the family reinforces at home. Consistency upon homecoming is critical. 

Guardianship Opportunities
The Guardianship Program is available to qualified families who live within a certain radius of Golden Valley Doodles. The dog lives with you, but GVD retains ownership for a period of time. Here’s the simplified version of how it works:

If a future parent dog is from our own breeding, we will sometimes place them with a Guardian Family as a young puppy. That puts you in charge of her training and manners, but also lets you enjoy that sweet puppy breath!
She will return to GVD for periodic visits, for breedings, and to whelp her litters when the time is right.  Otherwise, she lives with her Guardian Family, and they tend to her as their own. She becomes a member of their family. 
In the case of non-puppy placements, you'll enjoy the benefits of having a dog with manners. Bringing in an older dog saves you from the Puppyhood Woes. In most cases, the dogs we place with Guardian Families are crate trained, housebroken, leash and collar broke, well socialized, and trained in the all important canine manners.

The biggest winner in a guardianship is our dogs. In a Guardian Home, they get all of the loving attention and spoiling they deserve.  Too many adults here at GVD would spread us too thin .... not what we want. We like to keep our numbers pared down, so everyone here gets what they need and then some.  
You don’t deal with the “mess” of a heat cycle, nor with the pressure of the male dogs who will seek your girl out. When the girls come in season, they come to GVD immediately and stay until their season ends, usually about 20 days. This saves you (and us!) the worry of an accidental or unintentional breeding, as she is in our care.  

The expenses you'd incur as a Guardian are the same ones you'd have if they dog were solely yours. We take care of any reproductive related costs, and you'll be responsible for food, grooming, vet care, etc. 

Some moms have only one litter, some have more. Each girl is unique, and those decisions are made with their distinctive, individual needs in mind. Once she is no longer mothering, the Guardian family will have her spayed, and she is forever yours.
If a Guardianship opportunity sounds like it might be for you, send us an email and we’ll bring you up to speed on current availability. We'll also email you a copy of the Guardianship Agreement so you can review all the details and fine print. We prefer our Guardian Families to be within a 90 mile radius, but that’s not a hard and fast rule. If the situation is right, we will work with families farther away to ensure the right fit.
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