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Just the FAQs ma'am

How do I get on the list for a puppy?
First complete our adoption application, and we'll follow up with an interview.  Let's get to know each other!  The more we know about your lifestyle and desires, the better we can fit you with the puppy of your dreams.
Is my deposit refundable?
Deposits are not refundable, however we are happy to let you move your deposit to a future litter if you like. Deposits never expire; you can stay on our list as long as you like.
When can my puppy come home?
Puppies are released at 7.5 to 8 weeks old.

Who selects my puppy? You or me?
Team work makes the dream work! We will work together to help you make the best choice in selecting your new family member.

If I commit to a newborn litter, how and when does Selection happen?
On GoHomeDay. Selection and Going Home are simultaneous events. You can come to us to select, and leave with your puppy that day. Or we can pre-arrange travel, and host a FaceTime selection appointment for your family. 
What size will they grow to?
Depends on who momma and daddy are.  We can project and we're usually pretty close, but Mother Nature can throw surprises here and there.  Genetics are tricky.  For example, a past litter of Gypsy's was projected to be 55-60 lbs full grown. They were, except one, who weighs in at a whopping 80lbs.  No secret why he was nicknamed The Lunchbox in the puppy nursery.
Housebreaking - YIKES! How hard is it?
Depends on what YOU put in it. It's an investment, no doubt, but do it on the front end and then you're on Easy Street. Our babes are easier to housebreak than the average bear ... they've been at it (well, their "foundation" for housetraining anyway), since they were 3-3.5 weeks old. We use the Misty Method here which is a litter training method to teach the pups to eliminate somewhere other than where they sleep. It gives them a fantastic start.

What is your health guarantee?
2 years against genetic defects. You'll need to have a visit scheduled with your vet for a New Puppy Wellness Exam within 3 days of delivery.  It's all in writing for your records.  If you'd like to review our Adoption Agreement and Health Guarantee, just shoot us an email and we'll send it right over.
Do you require the dog to be spayed/neutered?
Yep.  By 7 months of age.  This is also included in the Adoption Agreement and Health Guarantee.
Do you ship puppies, and if so how far?
Not cargo, no.  We feel it's too much stress on a young pup.  We do fly our puppies to clients "Pet Nanny" style though .... in a sherpa carrier in the aircraft cabin, where puppy never leaves our care.  The cost varies depending on final destination: base airfare + $125 in-cabin pet fee to the airline + $350 pet nanny fee.  We are always happy to drive door to door, or meet somewhere in the middle.

We're also happy to drive to you. Door to door, or meet somewhere along the way - and always private, not traveling with other puppies or dogs. 

I'm a puppy first timer! Will you help me?
Yes, yes, yes!  GVD offers a lifetime of support.  We can help with training issues, product suggestions, and just advice in general. We love to watch our pups grow and learn.  Keeping in touch with us after adoption isn't just desired - it's a requirement!

Do you recommend a specific food for the puppies?
We do, and we are happy to help your dog with a quality diet and excellent nutrition, even if they aren't a Golden Valley Doodle. Our pups and adults thrive on PawTree's Turkey and Sweet Potato formula. Feel free to use this link for the food as well as a few other tried and true PawTree products we happily endorse.

I'm not sure what I'll need before puppy comes home. Is there a shopping guide?
You betcha. We've wasted too much money on inferior products over the years .... and we'd like to keep you from doing the same. Here's a list of products we use, and why: GVD Recommendations

Do you breed mini-doodles?
We don't. Our smallest doods are in the 35-40lb range at maturity. Our largest can be up to 95 pounds. And on average, our puppies grow up to 50-60lbs. It all depends on who the parents are. We can help guide and direct you to the right pairing if size is your primary concern.

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