How's It Going?

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Bet you’re needing an extra cup of joe this morning, huh? Those first few nights of having a new pup home are exhausting. Hang in there, it’s temporary. As he or she acclimates and settles into a routine it’ll become easier with each passing day. You’ll settle into a rhythm. Pinky promise. 


Has pup seen a vet yet? Time to do that if you haven’t already, and take your puppy's Medical Report. Your vet will perform a wellness exam (this is what puts our health guarantee in effect), they’ll get you started on tick/flea/heartworm preventatives, and schedule upcoming vaccinations. 


If you aren’t already a member, The GVD Gathering Place would love to have you! That’s our private Facebook group for GVD families … a wonderful and kind community, and a cool place to watch your puppy’s sibs grow up. 


We have tons of recommendations, but if there’s one that will change your life, it’s this:  invest in Baxter and Bella’s online puppy training. Don’t wait until you’re frustrated with the puppyhood woes to enroll. No sense in making it more difficult than it needs to be. Raising a puppy in today’s pandemic world has it’s own set of challenges. This resource will help you navigate age appropriate at-home learning, and get off to the best start possible. It’s cost effective, and goes leaps and bounds toward creating and fostering a strong bond with your pup. 

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Save a bundle on Baxter & Bella's online puppy training with our referral code GVDLOVE

Here's a B&B a podcast on having realistic expectations during that first week. Give yourself permission to relax!

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We sure hope you had a nice experience and enjoyed the journey of welcoming a new pup to your family. Our goal is to create an informative, enjoyable, stress free process for you and for pup. If we succeeded, it won’t hurt our feelings one bit to see you share your new puppy experience with a five star rating. GVD doesn’t advertise, so we rely on you guys to spread the good word. Reviews are welcomed!


As always, if you need us, we are just a phone call away.


Warm regards,

goldendoodle breeder, aussiedoodle breeder, sheepadoodle breeder