The Mommas

When only the best will do, look no further than our dams and sires.  We meticulously research pedigrees, temperaments and health histories before considering an addition to our program.  Even then, not everyone makes the cut.  Are we picky?  You better believe it. 


She’s from our own breeding, daughter to Girlfriend and Cowboy, a third generation. When she was a puppy, we made a last minute decision to add her to the program and we haven’t regretted it for a moment. She and Wags have the prettiest puppies together - beautiful blocky heads and square muzzles, always a favorite. Betty is a mysterious one …. a bit of an old soul, and serious in nature. She’s relaxed but watchful, always processing what’s going on around her.

Betty Boop


She’s the sweetest Cookie of them all! Cookie is a purebred Australian Shepherd, and a future momma to GVD Aussiedoodles. This girl cracks us up with her wigglebottom. The minute she sees you, she wags from her ribs to her hiney, and does this wiggly dance thing .... you’d have to see it to understand. Cookie is pure joy, loves her people madly, and every dog she meets is a new BFF. We love that she adores small children. Her affection for the kiddos tells us her babies will be spectacular family companions. The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree!

See her puppies


Crybaby is an F1 red merle Aussiedoodle. She is smart, she is sweet, she is silly - and we adore her. Crybaby is an F1 Aussiedoodle from our own breeding (Rosalie and Cowboy, both retired). She passes on her stocky solid build and loving disposition to each of her pups. Such a variety of colors, and some even have her sweet spotted nose.



Grinning girl! Duchess has a huge grin, and shows those pearly whites on the daily. She smiles so big, she makes herself sneeze, silly thing. Duchess is sister to Dumplin’ (below), and they are two peas in a pod. She is stout, with a beautiful thick build. Take it literally when we say “got it from her momma” …. She did, and sister Dumplin’ did too. Those Reba genes are strong!


She doesn’t smile at me like her sissy does, but they definitely have the same build. Affectionately known as “D”, Dumplin’ has that same round rump and boxy build. D is the definition of a water lover. Playing with the hose, in the pool, in her water bowl … doesn’t matter, she just loves to make a splash. She makes a big splash indeed with her adorable puppies, and we are looking forward to more. 



Daughter to Lo (now retired) and Wags is our wild child Ellie. I exaggerate - she’s not wild - but she is incredibly lively, bouncy, energetic, shall I continue? Ellie is very well behaved, she just has tons of energy. We are strict with our Four on the Floor rule (no jumping!), but we give exception to Ellie. To be clear, she isn’t really “jumping”, she just stands on her hind legs to hug. We’ll take all the Ellie hugs she’s willing to give! 


One of the most playful poodles we’ve ever known! Farah is spry and spirited. Her all time favorite is holding “hands” - she wants to give you her paw 24/7. Farah's sheepies are on the smaller side for GVD pups ... they generally mature to only 40 pounds, as opposed to some of our whoppers.

Goldendoodles, Aussiedoodles, Sheepadoodles


Homie - gimme some space already! Homegirl is an in-your-face kinda gal .... no concept of personal space. She is nosy as can be and always curious to see what we're up to. True to the Old English Sheepdog distinction, Homie is the class clown. She's brilliant, but also a big 'ol goofball who keeps us laughing. Love this hot mess! Her pups are the biggest of the big here at GVD. They'll mature to 70-95 lbs.

Aussiedoodles, Sheepadoodles, Goldendoodles


Our favorite picture-taking-lady has dubbed Jewell "One Quick Girl", and she's right on the money. Jewell is a busy bee. Her situational awareness is off the charts - always in tune to what's happening around her. Jewell is daughter to a pair of our retired parents, Louise and Gip. She was so perfect, we just had to keep her for ourselves. She and Wags’ pups are nothing short of magic. We should see some blue eyes in their little family.


Lively Lily - and that's no exaggeration. Lily is full of life with lots and lots of energy. She adores a good romp, and will wear her playmates out. They want to rest and she's not finished running laps. In her down time, Lily's favorite activity is squirrel watching. She will stand in the window sill and stare .... one day she might catch one of those rascals. She certainly has the energy for it. Lily will be a first time momma in 2020. 



She’s a big kid at heart. Lois was raised here on the farm, and from Day One, she’s been exposed to all ages of pups. I never worried about her being too rough with the younger puppies she entertained. Lois is as tender as a mother’s love. She has this neat on/off switch … she romps wild and crazy with the big dogs, then put her with some young pups and she’s as a gentle as they come. These are the things that make us know she will be an excellent momma. It’s in her genes. 


We were so pleased with our EllieMae addition, we had to do it one more time. Lo’s retirement litter in June 2020 produced this perfect little blue eyed baby girl - LucyLu. She’s a 2022 momma hopeful.

Goldendoodles, Aussiedoodles, Sheepadoodles


Another daughter from Miss Gypsy, who stole our hearts with her first breath. Nona is a big ‘ol gal in every way - but mostly in the way she loves.  Big.  Being raised here, she was constantly exposed to litters of varying ages. Watching her in action with the puppies will leave you in amazement.  She instinctively knows to be gentle with them. 


Daughter to Frankie and Raphael, sweet Piper. True to form, she has that angelic temperament and perfect disposition - those are her grandma Gypsy’s genes shining through. Piper is blonde and curly with the prettiest little baby doll head. She is quiet and reserved, but not shy. Piper is fast friends with everyone she meets, humans and dogs alike. When she’s at the farm, her favorite place to be is at my feet. Actually ON my feet would be a more accurate statement. No mind, I kinda love it. 

Aussiedoodles, Goldendoodles, Sheepadoodles


All poodles are gorgeous to us, but that deep rich chocolate holds a special place in our hearts. Reba is drop dead gorgeous and she knows it. She is prancy and playful, and all about some human affection. Reba is built like a tank - she is stout and strong, with a broad chest and round rump. She's not quite as leggy as some poodles tend to be, which is a quality we like. This girl is so full of personality and tends to be a bit of a clown like our OES's. If a Reba puppy interests you, best make sure you have a sense of humor. They will keep you entertained.


"Once in his life, every man is entitled to fall madly in love with a gorgeous redhead." And if it's this redhead, be prepared to be scorned. She might be part cat! Red is quite dramatic. She loves affection (on her terms), she gets her way (and pouts if she doesn't), and is just a little bit of a snob. We get so tickled with her attitude of superiority. And even though she pouts when she doesn't get her way, she cannot resist the lure of a good belly rub. I make her sound like a little brat - she isn't. She just likes to do things her way. Red will be paired with Raphael when the time comes, and will have Goldendoodles with her rich coloring late 2020.



Introducing Franklin’s Stars and Stripes Forever … she was born on the 4th of July, so of course she had to have a patriotic name! Star is GVD’s first merle poodle, and oh how we have looked forward to having her. She will be a big girl - probably 60ish pounds - and if all goes as planned, will be courted by Sir Wags. But for now, we will just enjoy watching her sassy self grow up. Welcome, my pretty!