Quality breeders of outstanding doodles. We specialize in Goldendoodles, Sheepadoodles and Aussiedoodles. Our dogs are raised for health, temperament, intelligence, family compatibility, and allergy friendliness. Not to mention you've probably never seen a cuter doodle than the ones you'll see right here.


915 Hattie Wallace Rd.

Morton, MS 39117

T: (601) 900-2991


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When only the best will do, look no further than our dams and sires.  We meticulously research pedigrees, temperaments and health histories before considering an addition to our program.  Even then, not everyone makes the cut.  Are we picky?  You better believe it. 


Our Golden Girls from Cali+Wags are Dorothy, Blanche and Rose. She's not dainty and petite like the Blanche on the show - she is a big girl! She reminds us so much of her momma Cali! Blanche's sweetness factor is off the charts, and she passes that loving disposition on to her babies. 


Our baby Cricket. She’s from Reba and Jim Dandy, and has the best of both. What an angel. Her disposition and temperament is beyond reproach - never any need to scold her if she’s naughty.  One glance with the stink eye is all it takes for Cricket. She’s a sensitive soul, this one! 


Crybaby is an F1 red merle Aussiedoodle. She is smart, she is sweet, she is silly - and we adore her. Crybaby's first litter was born in December of 2018, and we couldn't have been more pleased. Such a variety of colors, and of course she passed on her amazing build and temperament. Love that sweet spotted nose!


Reba gave us the perfect daughter in "Girlfriend", who is now a momma herself. We were so crazy about Girlfriend, we just had to make that cross again. And look what Reba gave us! Two perfect sheepies, Duchess and Dumplin'. Their pups will make a debut Spring 2020 if all goes as planned.


One of the most playful poodles we’ve ever known! Farah is spry and spirited. Her all time favorite is a romp around the pasture. Anytime we load up the golf cart to check cows and fences, she is sure to run alongside and check out all the fun smells. Farah's sheepies are on the smaller side for GVD pups ... they mature to 40-50 pounds, as opposed to some of our whoppers.


The first GVD momma to give us F1b Sheepies. Girlfriend is a sheepadoodle from our very own Reba+Gip, and boy does she make some pretty babies. Her puppies with Cowboy produce some gorgeous chocolate and white sheepies - so unique! Girlfriend is a fun loving, playful gal who literally eats up affection. She loves her people, but is never a pest or bothersome. Instead of hounding us for some loving, she waits patiently for all of the other doods to move on, then sidles up for her one-on-one. 


Homie - gimme some space already! Homegirl is an in-your-face kinda gal .... no concept of personal space. She is nosy as can be and always curious to see what we're up to. True to the Old English Sheepdog distinction, Homie is the class clown. She's brilliant, but also a big 'ol goofball who keeps us laughing 24/7. Love this hot mess! Her pups are the biggest of the big here at GVD. They'll mature to 70-85lbs.


Sweet Lo. They just don’t come more loving than this one, y’all. Lo lives with her Guardian Family and gets to play dress up and mani/pedi with her Littles. She is patient, she is tolerant, she loves to be the center of attention. Squeaky toys might be her fave, but she’ll take cuddles over toys any day of the week. Her sheepie pups were the first at GVD to sport Daddy's blue eyes. Beauties!


All of our ladies are Momma's Girls, with the exception of this rascal, the LouBaby. She is a Daddy's Girl to the core, and prefers John Mark over everyone. Dad does fun "farm" things, and it's nothing to see her tooling along on the tractor with him. She'd rather be hanging out with JM than any other person or canine here. Louise always - and we do mean always - has something in her mouth. Could be a stick, a ball, a stuffie ... she's not very particular about what it is. If she isn't crowded by the other dogs, she'll bring her current treasure to you for fetch, but she's also content to tote her current prize possession around with her head held high.


Another daughter from Miss Gypsy, who stole our hearts with her first breath. Nona is a big ‘ol gal in every way - but mostly in the way she loves.  Big.  Being raised here, she was constantly exposed to litters of varying ages. Watching her in action with the puppies will leave you in amazement.  She instinctively knows to be gentle with them.  


All poodles are gorgeous to us, but that deep rich chocolate holds a special place in our hearts. Reba is drop dead gorgeous and she knows it. She is prancy and playful, and all about some human affection. Reba is built like a tank - she is stout and strong, with a broad chest and round rump. She's not quite as leggy as some poodles tend to be, which is a quality we like. This girl is so full of personality and tends to be a bit of a clown like our OES's. If a Reba puppy interests you, best make sure you have a sense of humor. They will keep you entertained!


Rosey Posey! She's one of our Golden Girls (Dorothy, Blanche and Rose) from our own Cali+Wags purebred Old English Sheepdog litter. She was a first time momma in the summer of 2019, and we can't wait to see what the future has in store. Rose is more laid back than her bossy momma Cali - she is all about some snuggles!

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