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Going Home Goods

When you leave with your new puppy, you also go home with a bag of goodies to get you started and help you on your puppy raising journey. Included in our Going Home Bags are:

  1. Medical Report / this document covers all preventative medication administered as well as vaccinations and vet visits. Their future vaccinations are lined out with dates, to help you stay on top of preventative care. Take this to your Wellness Exam - very important for your vet to review.

  2. Adoption Agreement / it covers three main points: 1- Two year genetic health guarantee and non-breeding agreement, 2- a no re-homing clause (if you can’t keep your puppy for whatever reason, GVD must be involved in the rehoming effort, regardless of age or reason), and 3- a spay/neuter agreement (required by age 7months with some flexibility provided there is communication). There will be a copy for you bearing my signature in the bag, and a copy for you to sign for my records.

  3. Soft Toy / this bears our scent as well as the scents of momma and litter mates. It should be placed in the crate with pup for the first few nights as he or she acclimates to the new environment.

  4. Muslin Blanket / it is lightweight and breathable, and also carries GVD scents. Use it to drape over the outside of puppy’s crate for calming. 

  5. Treats / training treats and sample treats. Please refrain from introducing new treats for a least 5 days after puppy comes home in an effort to avoid digestive upset. 

  6. Introduction to Trupanion / all of our puppies are eligible for a 30 day free trial of health insurance. You’ll receive documentation from Trupanion with the details, including steps and costs to continue their coverage. No obligation. 

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