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Puppy Nursery

Brigette + Albert

- Sheepadoodles

- Anticipated mature weight 50lbs

- Born August 20, 2023

- Go home day, Thursday October 12

  1. Carrie M.

  2. Jael V.

  3. Brian F.

One girl and eight boys in this litter. #4-9 available for deposit.

Tess + Albert

- Sheepadoodles

- Anticipated mature weight 50lbs

- Born August 25, 2023

- Go home day, Thursday October 19

  1. Sandra S.

  2. Michale J.

  3. Debbie A.

Six girls and two boys in this litter. Pick #4-8 available for deposit.

Wait Lists


When a client has decided GVD is the breeder for them, and GVD has approved them for a puppy home, they have the option of paying a $300 reservation fee to our Floating List. First right of refusal is always offered to the folks on the Floating List on all availability before it is announced to the general public. Date of deposit receipt is the driving factor.

If you know you want a pup from GVD, but you know you aren't ready to add to your family right this minute, here's your opportunity to get in the queue line. We will let you know when pups are born, and let you make the call - is it a Pass or a Go - totally up to you!

As pups are born, we'll call you and fill you in on all the deets .... momma, daddy, projected mature weight, how many boys/girls, what number you'd be in selection order, going home date .... all of the particulars to help you make the decision whether it is the right litter for you. Feel free to pass as many times as you need to. Or pull the trigger, and spend the next 8 weeks preparing for your new bestie to come home. 

The Honeymooners

These doggies are doing the hokey pokey .... if we have a resulting pregnancy, we expect to see puppies around the listed due date.

Currently the ones who are a little busy right now:



Due Date



Fergie + Wags

Boo + Wilson

September 15

September 15

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