Puppy Take Out


Occasionally we have larger litters than our list of waiting families. But it doesn't mean these pups are any less sweet or fabulous. If you're hoping to add a furry friend to your family sooner rather than later, these babies are ready to go!  

And if it's just too soon, maybe one of our more recent additions to the Nursery will be a better fit timing wise. 


Well lookie here!

Before each litter selection, my husband and I often identify our personal favorite - as in which puppy would we choose if we were going to hold back a pup in a litter. Funny thing is, our favorite (sometimes the same pup, sometimes not), is often the last pup remaining. A head scratcher, but a common occurrence.

This litter of aussiedoodles went home on July 6th. This little girl was the “secret favorite” for both of us, but was not chosen at selection.  Aside from a beautiful chocolate coat and -bright green eyes, what made her our fave? Her independence. Her outgoing nature. Her investigative curiosity. Usually when pups exhibit these behaviors, they can have a touch of wild-child running through their veins, but not in this case. Her brave behavior and confident disposition is tempered by a sweetness through and through. When she tires, she is steady seeking a lap to snuggle up in. Not a bit bossy - the opposite, in fact. Little girl is a pleaser, and eager to learn which will make her training a snap.

She will weigh about 35-40 pounds at maturity. I don’t expect her to shed, but if she does it will be minimal, and seasonal. BabyGirl is ready today, $3000. We are happy to deliver.