Ready, Set, Go!

Can you believe how close we are to Going Home Day? Now is the time to tie up any loose ends in your Puppy Preparedness Project. 


Typically our families visit with and handle the puppies while making their selection. Covid19 has us doing things a little different right now. We want to avoid potential cross contamination, so we will have the puppies contained with no contact. You’ll be able to see them, and I can hold them up for a closer look, but we have a No Touching policy in place. I know it’s hard for the kiddos to understand, but have the Mom Talk with them before you come … no sticking fingers through the pen. Sorry!


As much as we love to show off the Puppy Nursery, we can’t have inside guests amidst the coronavirus crisis. We have an obligation to foster a safe environment for clients and staff, so it’ll be an outdoor affair. If you need facilities before you get here, there’s a fairly new Shell convenience store at I-20 and Exit 77. That’s the “last chance” stop before you get to us another 15 miles down the road.


Have you ordered puppy's food yet? If not, today is the day. The change of leaving here is change enough for a pup. If you add the stress of a dietary change to their departure, you will be in for quite a mess. The pups are on Pawtree Turkey/Sweet Potato formula  You can’t pick this up in stores - it ships straight from the manufacturer. Go ahead and order now so you’ll have it on hand before pup comes home.

2000 GF_Turkey_Sweet Potato large.png

Balances are due the day you select your pup. Venmo is our preference, but we also accept Zelle and cash. No checks please. 


Baxter and Bella offers wonderful online training programs, and they are adding components daily to address pandemic training / socialization challenges. I cannot recommend this program enough. Please set yourself up for success! 

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Save a bundle on Baxter & Bella's online puppy training with our referral code GVDLOVE

Here’s one of their podcasts to help you prepare: Getting ready for your puppy

Your puppy's paperwork will include two important documents: a comprehensive medical record, and and Adoption Agreement. Samples of both are here for your review.

If you’re coming to us for selection (as opposed to FaceTime), here’s our location:

Don’t be nervous when you turn on the dirt road … you aren’t lost! You won’t be able to see our place from the road though, so keep your eyes peeled for the GVD sign. It marks the entrance to our driveway.

As always, if you have questions, you know how to get me. Safe travels. Can’t wait to see everyone!