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Love our Cajun girl. Best best best place for a doodle baby.

--Whitney Neal Chaney
Scott Perry recommends Golden Valley Doodles, Inc., May 4, 2019 
I HIGHLY RECOMMEND Golden Valley Doodles if your looking for a fur baby look no further!! Lets start off with cleanliness of the entire GVD Compound & ¹Headquarters in UNBELIEVABLE. The LOVE, CARE and PRIDE that Shannon & John Mark put into all there DOODLES whether its a AUSSIE, SHEEPIE or GOLDEN shines with the quality each breed shows!!!
Matthew Koziatek recommends Golden Valley Doodles, Inc., January 18, 2019 
Great communication, the best Doods and desire to make sure all pups are in good hands for life.
Sarah Marrero recommends Golden Valley Doodles, Inc., September 14, 2018 
Shannon is amazing! I have gotten not 1 but 2 pups from her! They are amazing additions to my family and farm. Shannon is so nice and professional. Her facility is top notch. You can really see the love she has for her dogs! If I could give her a 10 out of 5 I would.
Janae Heath recommends Golden Valley Doodles, Inc., September 25, 2018 
We have had our precious goldendoodle for just over 3 weeks now and can’t thank GVD enough for our amazing experience, start to finish. Truly the most genuine, kind hearted people, and adore their pups. We are so thankful for their care, their patience, and can’t sing their praises enough. Thankful every day to have crossed paths with such amazing people!
Heather Martin Anderson recommends Golden Valley Doodles, Inc., July 7, 2018 
I got my aussiedoodle, Lucas, from GDV over a year ago. He is the sweetest, smartest, well bred dog. We love him!!
Meghan Elizabeth recommends Golden Valley Doodles, Inc., April 20 at 3:25 PM 
I was looking for a breeder that looks beyond the cute puppy faces and also matches dogs to their new families by energy level and temperament. I could not be more thrilled with Molly, who is exactly the right fit for me. I could not recommend Shannon highly enough. You will love your GVD puppy!
Toni House recommends Golden Valley Doodles, Inc., May 1, 2019 
The owner, Shannon knows and loves her dogs. She's responsible and lovingly gives so much attention to her pups. Mine came almost completely housebroken and full of affection. So obedient, too!
Donna Guthy-Westbrook recommends Golden Valley Doodles, Inc., February 18, 2019 
Love our grand pup Ember soO much! I love to look through the pictures of their babies.... u can tell how very much these folks love their fur babies..... love love love!❤️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
Shannon Nelson reviewed Golden Valley Doodles, Inc. — 5 star, August 6, 2018 
We got our darling Charlotte from GVD. The experience was so amazing from start to finish. They truly love all their puppies, and make sure they get the best care from birth until they are in your arms. They breed the most beautiful and precious puppies, and you can tell they truly take pride in each and every baby. Thanks, GVD, for an incredible experience, and an amazing pup!
Susan Hurst Ervin reviewed Golden Valley Doodles, Inc. — 5 star, May 1, 2018 
My husband and I got our adorable sheepadoodle puppy, Wags, from Golden Valley Doodles in February 2018! We decided to let him stay with Shannon and John Mark for the two month behavioral training that they offer. We couldn’t be more pleased! He is 4 months old now and is a healthy, well-socialized puppy who is such a joy. In addition, Shannon is so patient and answered all of my numerous questions while Wags was in training. I highly recommend GVD to anyone who is looking to add a new furry family member!
Donna Cook Stephens reviewed Golden Valley Doodles, Inc. — 5 star, April 2, 2018 
Wonderful experience with Shannon and John at GVD. We adore our new puppy Jamie. We will be back for another boy eventually.
Christina Wilson reviewed Golden Valley Doodles, Inc. — 5 star, December 11, 2017 
So friendly, always so helpful with all my questions, it’s very obvious that they truly care about these doodles, it’s more than just a “job” and that means the world to me! Our golden doodle is just AMAZING!!
Cindy Gloth Bond reviewed Golden Valley Doodles, Inc. — 5 star, November 30, 2017 
Great experience! If you are looking for a breeder who truly loves what they do, loves their dogs and their puppies and is available before, during and after your decision to get a GVD baby, look no farther!! Not just a breeder but genuinely great people!!!
Anna Claire Bagley reviewed Golden Valley Doodles, Inc. —  5 star, November 22, 2017 
You can tell these puppies are loved from birth!! Shannon was so sweet and helpful and we couldn't be happier to get a puppy from GVD
Paxton Tharp reviewed Golden Valley Doodles, Inc. — 5 star, November 10, 2017 
Really nice place. Such beautiful dogs. Owners are amazing and sweet. So happy to know them I would highly recommend them to anybody.
Suzanne Risher Lafleur reviewed Golden Valley Doodles, Inc. — 5 star, November 5, 2017 
"Golden Valley Doodles initiates an uncompromising, transparent relationship between their family and each prospective family member from the get-go. That openess builds trust, dependability, and loyalty that serves to benefit everyone involved...most especially the lives of the precious fur babies who enhance the lives of everyone they meet!"
Jennifer Dupre reviewed Golden Valley Doodles, Inc. — 5 star, November 4, 2017 
In my search for a Doodle I found Shannon! She is amazing at all the hard work she puts into this. I now have a beautiful Doodle almost 8 mths old and from the beginning to now she has answered any questions a new Dog owner might have. Our Franklin is healthy and Beautiful.
Shelby Evans reviewed Golden Valley Doodles, Inc. — 5 star, October 12, 2017 
I could not be happier with my GVD purchase! Shannon invests her whole heart into all of the puppies and it is very apparent when working with her. Shannon was amazing to work with when we got Bailey and she has been amazing afterwards with any questions or concerns I may have had. I would recommend anyone who is in the market for a doodle to checkout GVD, you won’t regret it!
Vicki Scianna reviewed Golden Valley Doodles, Inc. — 5 star, October 7, 2017 
Shannon and JM are always striving to provide the best for their pups, dogs, and human customers. We feel very blessed to have passed the screening to get one of their superior dogs. They do it right and work extremely hard!
Kiley Andreas reviewed Golden Valley Doodles, Inc. — 5 star, October 7, 2017 
Absolutely wonderful experience with Shannon and Golden Valley Doodles!!! Shannon illustrates integrity, kindness, and the utmost professionalism throughout the adoption process, as well as exhibited throughout our doodle’s life! Absolutely recommended if you are looking for a reputable breeder with integrity and respect for her animals and their adoptive families!!! 
Jackie Mickelson reviewed Golden Valley Doodles, Inc. — 5 star, October 7, 2017 
Shannon does everything with 110%. Her heart and soul is poured into loving these dogs and making sure they go to great families. Her passion is not fueled by the financial side of this, it's about recreating the love that she experiences with these dogs for other people. She works hard. She works really hard and she does it in an act of pure gratitude for helping families find their furry angel to look over them.
Fred Selensky reviewed Golden Valley Doodles, Inc. — 5 star, October 7, 2017 
We adopted "Nate" three years ago from Golden Valley Doodles. He is has been a wonderful addition to our family! We have three kids ages 8 to 13 and they love him. I am sure that our next dog will be from Golden Valley Doodles as well. It will be a much longer trip this time ND to GA.
Jamie Ely reviewed Golden Valley Doodles, Inc. — 5 star, October 7, 2017 
My family and I absolutely love GVD! We heard about them through a friend and did some research. I contacted Shannon and got a response within hours telling me about her doodles, complete with pictures and videos of them. Since that very day she has been easily accessible at all times and a dream to work with in getting our poodle, Lo. She is always available for advice about her dogs. And have you seen how she treats them? They ARE Franklin family members complete with loving training and treats for good behavior or just because. I brought my dog to them after not having seen Shannon or John Mark for 2 months and Lo went right to them, you could tell she missed them and that is a direct result of how well Lo was cared for and loved by this amazing couple while she was in their care. If you are looking for a doodle THIS is the place to get one!
Erika Erickson reviewed Golden Valley Doodles, Inc. — 5 star, October 7, 2017 
So much love is put into these babies, and she makes sure they go to amazing homes.
AliceClaire Thompson Scott reviewed Golden Valley Doodles, Inc. — 5 star, October 7, 2017 
I honestly could not have dreamed up a better experience than the one we have had with GVD! Shannon and her team are the best in the business and truly believe in what they do. Their dogs are first class and I love how they believe in placing the right dog with the right family - it's about way more than the money for these guys. One of the best parts is that this team is always available even after you bring your puppy home to help answer questions or give feedback. They are in it for the long haul WITH the families! You cannot beat that!!Our family will never purchase a puppy from anyone else ever again. We are delighted to be a part of the GVD Family! All the love for Golden Valley Doodles!!!!!
Jessica Jane reviewed Golden Valley Doodles, Inc. — 5 star, October 7, 2017 
I had the most wonderful experience getting my beloved puppy from GVD! Not only was getting my pup great, but also everything that is happened since, she keeps in touch, answers any questions I have, and the amazing community of GVD owners she has created is amazing. This amazing community is all due to her as she only gives dogs to amazing people who are ready for the lifelong commitment! I hope it also speaks to her being a wonderful breeder as I traveled over 4,000 miles round trip to just to get a dog from her!
Amy Hart Mills reviewed Golden Valley Doodles, Inc. — 5 star, October 7, 2017 
Most amazing breeders I've ever met. My vet was so impressed with how thorough and up to date they were. We got our dog, Muppet, from them after researching for months after losing our dog. I can not speak highly enough ab them and have even sent several friends there way after they had met Muppet. We wouldn't go anywhere else but GVD! They gave us a piece of our family that we didn't know we needed. They are a true gift to us!
Lindsay Carlisle Hugghins reviewed Golden Valley Doodles, Inc. — 5 star, September 20, 2017 
We truly cannot say enough good things about GVD. We waited a long time for the perfect sheepadoodle puppy and they gave us the world's best! We continue to appreciate all the hard work and love that Shannon and John Mark put into their business, it's one of a kind amongst thousands of breeders!
Lori Boudreaux reviewed Golden Valley Doodles, Inc. — 5 star, August 27, 2017 
I researched and researched (I'm a nerd) and we found GVD in hopes of one day getting a pup! After twists and turns in our life we just didn't know if it would ever happen but after many conversations and a trip to GVD we welcomed home our big boy Marshall who has a very important job to do! Ms. Shannon and Mr. JR are the kindest people and they truly put their heart and soul into their fur babies ... they made the experience personal and spiritual if that makes any sense .. we are so blessed to be a part of the GVD family and wouldn't change the journey for anything in the world!
Joyce Merritt reviewed Golden Valley Doodles, Inc. — 5 star, July 21, 2017 
Hands down best breeder of beautiful sheepadoodles. We gained a beautiful puppy and new amazing friends. 
Stacy Baribeau Shipley reviewed Golden Valley Doodles, Inc. — 5 star, June 5, 2017 
We are so thrilled to be the proud owners of 2 GVD Doodles. The way you feel like family the minute you start the process is amazing. Our Doodles are precious and Shannon really does run a beautiful place. It’s professional, clean and very personable. We love GVD and we know we will always have one or 2 in our family now and in the future!
Ali Roberson reviewed Golden Valley Doodles, Inc. — 5 star, April 4, 2017 
Shannon is the most caring individual, lucky to have had such an amazing experience!
Marianna Campbell Riley reviewed Golden Valley Doodles, Inc. — 5 star, March 22, 2017 
We could not have had a better experience than we did with Shannon and GVD! Such a great experience! We love our Rue!
Krissy Jill Bettini-Hale reviewed Golden Valley Doodles, Inc. — 5 star, March 22, 2017 
If I were to have a breeding program, I would model it after Golden Valley Doodles. If you're like me, you did/are doing tons of research on breeders. Shannon gives 100% of her heart from A to Z. It's reassuring to know that if I have a question today or 10 years from now, I can reach out to her without hesitation and she'll always be there. If you're still looking for a breeder...stop, you've found her.
Lori Fitzhugh Dean reviewed Golden Valley Doodles, Inc. — 5 star, February 17, 2017 
Our family could not be happier with our GVD experience. We found Shannon a year ago and am so thankful to have found the perfect breeder for our family. Shannon is fully invested in her families finding the right fit. She helps guide you and offers honest feedback and thoughts. We brought our new fur baby home this week and we know we made the right choice. An added bonus is the opportunity to connect with other GVD families to share much needed advice and support. You aren't just getting a puppy - you are gaining friends. We can't thank Shannon and John Mark enough for all they do to ensure we have healthy, happy, and adorable pups joining our families. If we ever add another dog to our family, I would not consider any other breeder!
Tracie Gatewood reviewed Golden Valley Doodles, Inc. — 5 star, December 12, 2016 
I found GVD online, spoke with Shannon, and my family drove 3 1/2 hours to meet her and the doods- Cali, Buddy, Reba, all of them. I fell in love with the poodles. My husband loved the sheepadoodles. After long discussion, we got on a list for a sheepadoodle. After a few mommy changes due to Mother Nature & scheduling, we got a little girl about a year later. I was excited and my family was in love. One problem: I found out that I do not take puppy hyperness, housebreaking, etc. well at all & started having panic attacks. Shannon, being the wonderful person that she is, fixed my problem in 30 minutes flat. Shannon sent our new puppy to a wonderful home & sent me her very own baby, the Georgia Peach, 3 years old. It has been a perfect fit, our 16 year old labradoodle loves Georgia, and best of all, my panic attacks stopped. Shannon not only cares about her business and doods but she cares about her families too. She doesn't have to stay involved after the puppies go home but she does every day, at any hour, whatever you need. The families stay connected with each other, trade tips and stories, pass along pictures, ask Shannon questions, and....we are ultimately one large doodle family. And that's what makes a difference to me.
Jared Barclay reviewed Golden Valley Doodles, Inc. — 5 star, October 22, 2016 
Golden Valley Doodles is the only way to go! They have the best standards in place to ensure Healthy and well adapted puppies! I've got two Doodles from them and they have fantastic health, easily trained and absolutely beautiful! Give them a call today!!!
Vicki McKee reviewed Golden Valley Doodles, Inc. — 5 star, September 19, 2016 
We looked at several breeders and after Shannon taking the time to talk with me on several occasions. My daughter and I decided to choose Golden Valley. We picked our puppy up yesterday and she is beautiful. this entire experience has been wonderful and I highly recommend Golden Valley Doodles. 
Shannon and the staff are amazing.
Dana Cates reviewed Golden Valley Doodles, Inc. — 5 star, June 23, 2016 
How do you write a review on pure love? At GVD your not getting a "pet" your getting a "family" Shannon and her husband are ALWAYS willing to help! They love their dogs so much and they have the best temperaments ever. They make sure that all of their doodle families can stay in touch and share advice and pics! It's so nice to see your pups whole families! I did not know I was a doodle until the first time I spoke to Shannon! If your considering a fur baby not just a pet. CALL THEM!!!!!!!
Victoria Hunt reviewed Golden Valley Doodles, Inc. — 5 star, December 27, 2015 
Awesome breeder! Shannon is very knowledgable and truly invested in her dogs and puppies  :)
Melissa Craig Underwood reviewed Golden Valley Doodles, Inc. — 5 star, July 6, 2015 
Adopting Chester from Shannon and JM with GVD was a great decision. We loved working them. Wonderful service and might I add great pets! Our Chester is so smart and well behaved. We can't imagine life without him. And might I add that once your baby comes home with you the relationship doesn't stop there. Shannon and JM are always there to answer any questions or help with any needs you may have (which has been so helpful for this first timer of adopting). We love GVD and know that you will too! If you want a doodle you can't go wrong with GVD! 
Levi Andreas reviewed Golden Valley Doodles, Inc. — 5 star, April 2, 2015 
Very professional, great dogs. They really care about their animals. Nothing but the best.
Angela Baukol Hagen reviewed Golden Valley Doodles, Inc. — 5 star, January 15, 2015 
Our experience with Shannon and Golden Valley Doodles exceeded our expectations in every way. Shannon is so kind and willing to answer all of our questions. Most importantly our family welcomed the most beautiful puppy that couldn't be sweeter! You can tell right after meeting Shannon that they care very much about all of their dogs and that each one is loved and cared for!
Cynthia Michelle Stone reviewed Golden Valley Doodles, Inc. — 5 star, December 28, 2014 
I have an 8 month old puppy from Golden valley doodles. She is the best dog I have ever owned. Smart, relaxed, and non-shedding. The facility is a must see! Top notch breeder!
Pattie McWilliams reviewed Golden Valley Doodles, Inc. — 5 star, November 24, 2014 
Shannon and John have a wonderful facility, not too mention great dogs.
Julie Fisher Glosenger reviewed Golden Valley Doodles, Inc. — 5 star, October 4, 2014 
Love our puppy! Thank you!
Bethany Holwegner reviewed Golden Valley Doodles, Inc. — 5 star, October 1, 2014 
From first talking with Shannon to adopting our sweet puppy Charlie we had a great experience with Golden Valley Doodles!!! Seeing the love Shannon has for all her dogs is amazing. Shannon is a top notch breeder and I would recommend anyone looking for a sweet, loving, furry companion to check her out!!! We love our new puppy:)

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