Wanna guard my doggie?

At long last, we're ready to roll out our Guardianship Program. What's that, you ask? Well pull up a chair and read on....

The Guardianship Program is available to qualified families who live within a certain radius of Golden Valley Doodles. The dog lives with you, but GVD retains ownership for a period of time. Here’s the simplified version of how it works. Momma dogs stay with us at GVD from birth (if she's from our own breeding) or from age 7 weeks, if from another breeder. We raise them, exercise them, train them, and put all of the effort into making a wonderful companion. During this time, we are constantly evaluating her temperament, disposition, learning her quirks, and correcting undesirable or inappropriate behavior. We're picky about who makes the cut to be a GVD Momma .... so with us raising them from pups, we know early on if we have a good candidate.

After she's had her first heat cycle, or successfully raised her first litter, she is ready for her Guardian Family. Timing all depends on the girls’ maturity level and disposition. Guardian Families apply and are interviewed to seek the perfect fit: perfect for you, perfect for us, and most importantly, perfect for MommaDog.

When she transitions from our home to yours, a deposit is put in place. She will return to GVD for periodic visits, for breedings, and to whelp her litters when the time is right. Otherwise, she lives with her Guardian Family, and they tend to her as their own. She becomes a member of your family. The deposit is refunded incrementally with each litter produced. Not to worry about your girl coming back to GVD to deliver and raise her babies. She was raised here, so it is not a stressful situation for her to return for whelp. It’s more like a happy homecoming!

There are many advantages to GVD, to the Guardian Family and to the dog. It's a win-win-win. One, you get a top quality dog, essentially for “free”, once the terms of the Guardianship are complete.

Two, our philosophy of raising a puppy makes your life so much easier. A tired puppy is a GOOD puppy. With 60 acres to romp, we can train faster and more effectively at a young age than your average Joe. We don’t go to 9-5 jobs Monday through Friday - we are with our dogs darn near 24/7. Bringing in an older dog saves you from the Puppyhood Woes. In most cases, the dogs we place with Guardian Families are crate trained, housebroken, leash and collar broke, well socialized, and trained in the all important canine manners. Another advantage - and this is a biggie - our dogs in Guardian Homes get all of the loving attention and spoiling they deserve. Too many adults here at GVD would spread us too thin .... not what we want. We like to keep our numbers pared down, so everyone here gets what they need and then some.

You don’t deal with the “mess” of a heat cycle, nor with the pressure of the male dogs who will seek your girl out. When the girls come in season, they come to GVD immediately and stay until their season ends, usually about 15-20 days. This saves you (and us!) the worry of an accidental or unintentional breeding, as she is in our care.

Another biggie - free boarding for your vacations! We don't allow our doggies to board at other kennels. Instead they come back to GVD while you are away. This gives us the opportunity to spend time with the Guardian dog, it saves you a few bucks, and gives us all peace of mind that s/he is in the best possible care - here at their home away from home.

If a Guardianship opportunity sounds like it might be for you, send us an email and we’ll bring you up to speed on current availability. We'll also email you a copy of the Guardianship Agreement so you can review all the details and fine print. We prefer our Guardian Families to be within a 90 mile radius, but that’s not a hard and fast rule. If the situation is right, we will work with families farther away to ensure the right fit.

Happy Doodling, y'all!

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