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Know this - I giggled at the thought of it at first. Seriously, a drop of oil and your headache goes bye bye? A drop of oil from a plant, no less. On top of that, I've always been from the school of thought "if one works, two works better/faster" and I apply this to anything from ibuprofen to pepto to a cocktail. I have never been one of those "everything in moderation" kinda peeps. I'm all in or nothing at all. It's a fault, but I'm working on it. So to think "one drop"? .... yeah, right.

To say I was skeptical of the Essential Oil craze would be an understatement, but a friend of mine dragged me onto the bandwagon a few years ago. The school her kids attend were in the midst of a head lice epidemic. Not much grosses me out as much as the thought of bugs feasting on my scalp and laying eggs. Gag. Tea tree oil fixed her kids right up and while the other kids at school kept getting the lice over and over, hers did not. She had my attention.

One of our families, now the proud owners of not one but two Golden Valley Doodles, is a Young Living rep. I had started my own oily journey before meeting her, but I didn't have a Go To person I trusted. I relied on my own research, I was dabbling, and I was buying retail. Then I discovered EO's are just as beneficial to our pets as they are to us, and everything changed. Funny how I took it so much more seriously after I learned of the canine factor.

I started buying books, I tried new and different application techniques, and I finally put all of my confidence in one person to help me find the right products at the best prices. I was already a believer - I'd long since passed my hocus pocus mindset - but the deeper I delved, the more impressed I became.

Several things came from this new relationship. One, I now have my Go To Gal and I trust her explicitly. Two, she educates the GVD families via puppy wellness starter kits, and gets them off to a great start. Third and possibly the most important, I have to do nothing. Nothing!

I've been asked many times .... Why don't you just sign up and be your own rep? Build a business on the side. Make some extra dough. Ummm, no thanks. I know breeding and my hands are full with that. I don't want or need to know every single thing about every single oil. I want to do what I know, what I love, and focus on my passion. Dogs and breeding. And when I need oil, I want to text someone who does know every single thing about every single oil, let them tell me what I need, and then get it to me. There. Done.

So I have to realllllly love a service or a product before I'll even mention it, much less shout it from the mountaintop. The best way I can relate to you how important the oils are to what I do every day is by sharing experiences. Here are two recents to relate:

My #1 goldendoodle stud dog Raphael tangled with a venomous snake yesterday. My knee jerk reaction was Benadryl. This is not our first rodeo - country living has its own unique set of challenges. After I gathered myself a bit, I went straight to the Essential Oil cabinet and my Animal Desk Reference. (Buy it. It’s invaluable. Written by holistic veterinarian Melissa Shelton DVM.) A mix of 6 different oils drawn up in a syringe, then applied topically. I’ll be darned if it’s like nothing even happened. He went from zero weight on the affected leg, crying, wouldn’t let me doctor him, to Hey Man it’s all gooood. Just wow.

{ snake bite treatment: clove, helichrysum, copaiba, thyme, eucalyptus, deep relief / applied topically }

Next up, a first time momma just delivered 12 pups. Twelve puppies, eight teats. That’s a tall order. The first milk, colostrum, is the most important - it builds a puppy’s natural immunity and they can be seriously compromised without it. Her milk let down didn’t seem terribly robust and the puppies were crying even after nursing. That tells me they are still hungry. Back to the oils. Fennel was applied topically and administered orally and now the pups are lined up at the milk bar. Her production was immediately more generous. They are satisfied, full, quiet - just like a newborn pup who has nursed should be.

This might not sound like a big deal, but it's huge. Here's why.

(1) If pups don't get that first milk - the colostrum - they are more prone to illness, and don't thrive. It is critical that they get the colostrum for antibodies from momma.

(2) If pups don't get enough to eat due to slow/limited milk production, a responsible breeder will supplement feedings. This means bottle or tube feedings every two hours, around the clock. This means no sleep. This means Grumpy Shannon.

(3) These puppies did not ask to be brought into the world. We orchestrated this, we must do whatever it takes to ensure their health and well being. If an oil helps us help a struggling pup, I am a happy girl.

Now I'm not against western medicine. I'm quick to pop an excedrin at even the threat of a headache. I'm busy and down time doesn't fit into my schedule. But I do turn to holistic treatments first. In most cases, it's more cost effective. That goes for my own health, as well as that of our animals. I'm a firm believer in chiropractic care for example. We've even had our horses adjusted with amazing results.

Another example, the onset of menopause came early for me. After many ob/gyn visits, drugs prescribed, estrogen even - no relief. One call to my YL rep and I'm back to my normal self. Pretty cool if ya ask me. And my husband would likely agree ..... poor guy was on the receiving end of my lovely menopausal side effects. I was not a pleasant person.

If you're a skeptic like I once was, but you're interested in just trying it on for size, call my lady. She will educate and even send you samples to try before you make a financial commitment. It's good stuff y'all. Good stuff.

Sarah Scalise

Diffusing Grace


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