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Why Nursery Visits Are A No-Go For Your Doodle Puppy

Start researching “how to find a reputable breeder”, and the recurring checklist item says steer clear of the breeder who won’t let you visit. Cue the ominous music …. a breeder with closed doors has something to hide.

Umm, no. I beg to differ.

My son was born almost 32 years ago, and things were different then. There was no Facebook or Facetime to introduce baby, people actually visited. Like in person. And they always kissed the baby on the face. I still cringe.

Add a dash of post partum hormones to the bubble you want to keep your newborn in. Full on momma bear a’brewing. Here’s a fact. A good Momma Dog feels the same way about her puppies. Protective, often fiercely.

It’s not a personality trait, it’s more primal in nature. In the process of protecting her new brood from a real or perceived threat, dreadful things can happen. Puppies can be stepped on (they weigh just under a pound at birth, so …. ), lactation difficulties, and this this this: stressed moms raise stressed puppies.

Best to give that momma a wide berth. Be respectful of her need for privacy, solitude and bonding time. Momma tolerates me because she knows I’m the one fulfilling her most basic needs - toileting, hydration and nutrition. But strangers parading through? No she will not appreciate this. Can’t blame her.

Meet Fergie and Posey. These mommas have new puppies, born just a day apart. I offer a break and a walk every day, several times a day. Their kids just made a week, and they finally took me up on it. Mommas were ready to stretch their legs, play a little fetch, enjoy some sunshine.

Neither took their eyes off the Nursery door, though. And that’s why we hang the Do Not Disturb sign for our momma dogs. Raising stress free puppies here, y’all. Let the mommas momma.


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