Get lots! Soft toys that squeak, tug toys, and some that are rigid for teething. Rotate the toys so she doesn’t get bored with them.


We like antlers for chew toys better than bones. Rawhide chews are not recommended at this age - tough on their tummies, which means accidents and messy clean ups for you. I’m also crazy about the stuffable Kong toys. I get the small red one for puppies and freeze yogurt in them, or stuff them with a mix of peanut butter and cheerios, then freeze. It's soothing to their teething gums and keeps them busy for hours!


The Kong is also wonderful to toss in the crate with the puppy as you begin crate training. It keeps them occupied and less likely to whine and cry.


There are tons of recipes for the “stuffing” on Pinterest, and to be found in a google search.

Dog Ball