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Where we're located

Mississippi born and bred! Don’t let the distance deter you.  We have puppies placed coast to coast, from NYC to LA, and everywhere in between.  International? No problem. If you are in Puerto Rico, Canada or Mexico City, we already have a GVD play date lined up for your new baby.
Got questions? Please check out our FAQ's page. If you can't find an answer there, don't hesitate to give us a shout. We're always more than happy to talk Doodles!



 Our farm is located in Morton, Mississippi which is in the central part of the state.

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How Far?

• 50 miles east of Jackson MS 
• 200 miles south of Memphis TN 
• 350 miles west of Atlanta GA 
• 230 miles west of Montgomery AL
• 175 miles north of Biloxi MS 
• 210 miles north of New Orleans LA 
• 220 miles northeast of Baton Rouge LA 
• 275 miles southeast of Little Rock AR

We don't do cargo shipping but we have several options for getting your new baby home to you.

Getting Your Puppy

Our Facility

Our Facility

It's nothing fancy, just a doghouse! We've never liked the word "kennels" ... for us that conjures up visions of puppy mill type operations where hordes of dogs are locked up for life.  That's not what you'll find here. Our doggies enjoy 150 acres of pasture, pond and wooded adventures during the day. At night, for their safety and our peace of mind, they have interior rooms, with doggie door access to their individual covered outdoor runs. With all of the daily activity to stimulate them, they are always ready to “kennel up” for a rest at night.  

The Puppy Nursery is one of our favorite places to be.  It's like "home", only with tons of puppy breath and furry cuddles. We spend more time with the dogs than we do in our own house, so we decided it ought to be comfortable for us too.  A bedroom, full bath and kitchenette make up the east side of the Nursery, with birthing suites on the west side. The GVD office is smack dab in the middle, where we usually have someone furry lying at our feet.   

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