Meet the Franklins

Southern born and bred - us AND the Doods! GVD isn’t just a hobby for us, it’s our life. Neither of us work outside the home … we left Corporate America in the dust when we found our passion. Best decision ever. Everything at the Franklins revolves around the doggies, and we wouldn’t have it any other way.  

While our breeding program is not a hobby, our farming is. When we aren’t busy with the Doods, we are puttering around tending to all of our other interests here at the farm. Everything from chickens to goats, bee boxes and cattle, to stocking the ponds. Never a dull moment.


But enough about the Franklin's and the farm ... it's the doggies who steal the show!

sheepadoodle goldendoodle aussiedoodle doodles goldenvalleydoodles gvd breeder
sheepadoodle goldendoodle aussiedoodle doodles goldenvalleydoodles gvd breeder
Our sweetie.

Budder Bean. Budders. Buddylicious. Lish. He was the Doodle of Many Names, but his given name says it all. Buddy. Our best buddy.   He was never a breeder in our program, though he did hold a very important position here at Golden Valley Doodles.  He was often referred to as the Golden Valley Doodles’ Ambassador.  We’ve had clients come for Puppy Selection Day, who left with crying children because the kiddos wanted to take the Big Yellow Dog home.

Yep, our boy was that special.  It’s quite a feat to steal the spotlight from cuddly little puppies, but he managed to do it without effort. That’s just who he was.

The Bean was the genesis of our program - the whole reason GVD exists. 

You can read more about him in a past blog post

Meet the Bean

When you know his story, you know our story.

You see, when the Bean joined our family many moons ago, it was under less than ideal circumstances.  He was our first doodle, and to say the breeder experience was lacking would be a gross understatement. (You can read more about that in our blog.)  I vowed then and there that one day we would breed and provide a stellar client experience, the kind of experience that builds relationships.  Your relationship with your doodle, and our relationship with you.  Lifetime relationships.  And this was the genesis of Golden Valley Doodles.


An unfortunate, negative experience for us became the benchmark for what Golden Valley Doodles would become. Quality, healthy puppies from quality, healthy parents.  A knowledgable and skillful breeding program.  Puppies raised in a clean, nurturing, loving environment.  Building lifetime relationships, one puppy and one family at a time. 


This is what we are, this is who we are, and this is our promise to you. Our emphasis is not on “selling” a puppy.  Our emphasis is placed squarely where it belongs - helping our clients add to their family, because that’s what your doodle will ultimately be:  a treasured family member.

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Meet the Pack

The foundation for our breeding dogs

People often ask us if all of our dogs live in the house with us … umm, hardly.  Quite the opposite! We practically live in their house. We do raise our breeding dogs from puppyhood in home, but every day is Take Your Dog to Work day around here. Where we go, they go.  

Once they are house trained and have the manners we expect of a house dog, they have a change of venue. Moving from the house to living with their pack is an important and critical part of their socialization.  Each dog has his or her own specific slot in the pecking order of the pack.  Temperaments and dispositions play an important role in defining where each dog is on the totem pole.  Without living with the pack, a dog will never know exactly where he or she “fits” and it becomes confusing to them.  Confusion can and usually will lead to behavioral problems, something we’d prefer to avoid.

Ready to meet our stars? When only the best will do, look no further than our dams and sires.  We meticulously research pedigrees, temperaments and health histories before considering an addition to our program.  Even then, not everyone makes the cut.  Are we picky?  You better believe it.