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Getting Your Puppy Home to You

Cargo shipping …. sorry, no can do. We put our heart and soul into these puppies and their upbringing.  While they are extremely well adjusted, confident, and brave, we just can’t bring ourselves to put them in cargo and negate everything we’ve given them in their first few weeks.  We feel it is too much stress on a young pup, and can’t imagine the angst and worry of puppy missing connections or not being properly cared for.   
Not to worry, you have options! We’ll nestle your baby in a sherpa carrier, where she fits right under the seat in front of us on the plane. She is in our constant care until you meet us at the destination airport and we place her in your arms.  Likewise, you can fly to us. We are happy to meet you at our airport (code JAN) with puppy and Going Home goods.   

If ground transportation is the preferred delivery method, there are options there as well.  Drive to us for selection and a visit, and we will meet you at your hotel with puppy the next morning and get you back on the road home. We can drive to you, too. Distance is not an issue - we offer white glove door-to-door delivery. Or we can always meet somewhere in the middle. The comfort and safety of the puppy is our primary concern, but we are flexible on the details.

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