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Crate and tether! Two important factors in housebreaking, aside from patience and consistency. I don’t suggest using paper training methods, nor the puppy pee pads. That is confusing to a pup, and tells them it is okay to go potty in the house. Young pups don't get the concept that it's okay to pee inside sometimes, but sometimes it isn't. They understand consistency. They need to feel the outside air on their faces, and grass under their feet when they eliminate to reinforce that there is a proper and improper place to potty. Keep a pocketful of small treats in the beginning and have them handy for all outside eliminations.
The second she squats, very softly say your word of choice (whatever command you want to use for “potty”). Don’t use a loud, excited voice, as they will sometimes become alarmed and stymie the flow. Save the excitement for when she’s finished. The second she is finished, give her one treat and praise like crazy. Good girl! Consistency is very important ... whatever word you choose needs to be used by everyone in the family. Same for the potty routine. Consistently use the same door to go in/out.

In the very beginning stages, you’ll want to carry puppy from crate to outside. If you open the crate door and ask puppy to follow you to the door, gravity and motion will make that potty happen before you get outside. Before bed at night, I set aside house shoes and a bathrobe within easy reach so I’m not fumbling around in the dark looking for them. When puppy cries to potty, everything is right where I need it, and off we go. Easy peasy.
You might also put some bells on the door you plan to use for in/out potty trips. When you take the puppy out, touch her paw to the bells for a quick jingle. Some puppies do very well with this training aid, and will jingle the bells to signal they are ready to go out. I haven’t had much luck with this method (all of mine just go to the door, sit and give a quick bark) - but I do know people who’ve had great success using the bells. 
Accidents will happen. It’s a fact. Buy some enzyme spray which breaks down the odor at a molecular level and keeps them from going back to the same spot to eliminate again. (Natures Miracle makes a good one, available at most local retailers.) When an accident does occur, remove the puppy and don’t let her see you clean it up. Don’t make a fuss over it, just act like it didn’t even happen. It’s easy to scare a puppy during the housebreaking process, and if she is told NO! and fussed at, she will just hide to do her business in the future. Best to just ignore it and evaluate why the accident happened. Nine times out of ten, it is our fault as owners, not the puppy’s fault.

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