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Instant Gratification!

Occasionally we have larger litters than our list of waiting families. But it doesn't mean these pups are any less sweet or fabulous. If you're hoping to add a furry friend to your family sooner rather than later, these babies are ready to go!  

And if it's just too soon, maybe one of our more recent additions to the Nursery will be a better fit timing wise. 



Delta + Wags


- F1 Sheepadoodles

- Anticipated mature weight, 55lbs

- Born Monday, Oct 3

- Go Home Day, Wednesday Nov 23rd


Biddy + Bear

- Airedoodles (Airedale Terrier X Poodle)
- Anticipated mature weight, 50lbs
- Born Saturday, August 27
- Ready to go home


Penny Lane + Marshall

- F1b Aussiedoodles
- Anticipated mature weight, 55lbs
- Born Monday, August 22
- Ready to go home


Piper + Walker

- Goldendoodles
- Anticipated mature weight, 60-70lbs
- Born Tuesday, August 23
- Ready to go home


Sally + Marshall

- Standard Poodles
- Anticipated mature weight, 55lbs
- Born Thursday, Sept 15th
- Ready to go home