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Collar & Leash

Start small, and let her grow into her collar. You’ll end up buying a couple of them before she’s finished growing. It should go without saying, but I’ll say it anyway - invest in a name tag with puppies name, and two phone numbers. Later on down the road, your vet will give you a metal tag for her collar indicating she has received the rabies vaccination.

For a leash, I will steer you away from the retractable style. When walking your puppy, she needs to be by your side - not in front of you, nor behind. The retractable leashes tell your dog that they are “free” to run whichever direction they choose and encourages bad habits.

Teaching your puppy to heel and that you are in control when leash walking is very important to her training foundation. Your puppy should grow into a dog that is a pleasure to walk, not a hassle. If you take the time to learn how to walk her properly, and teach your kids to do the same, other training will be much easier.
You might also invest in a short leash reserved for the house so you can tether her to your hip. An unattended puppy gets into everything - she will dig in your plants, chew your shoes, and do other naughty things that will be very frustrating. By keeping her tethered to you while going about your day, she is always within reach and can be corrected before bad habits develop and turn into behavioral problems. This is also an extremely effective aid in housebreaking. If she is right next to you, the potential for a potty accident is greatly reduced. 


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