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Children and Puppies Make a Great Combination

Gonzo’s first day with his new family, and he’s making himself right at home. Children are BETTER with puppies, y’all. Dr Carmen Battaglia’s research findings tell us so:

Finding # 1. Children who lived with a pup during their first year of life had better immune systems than those who did not.

Finding # 2. Playing with and petting a puppy decreases cortisol and increases Oxytocin, a body chemical that promotes happiness, calms the mind and increases mood.

Finding # 4. Allowing a 3-year-old to put the food and water bowl down helps them develop self-esteem.

Finding # 5. Teachers who studied children and pet ownership reported that dogs and puppies are an invaluable aid to developing a childs empathy and self-esteem for others.

Finding # 6. Autism. One in 45 children in the US are diagnosed with autism (ASD), which is nearly 2% of the entire population of children ages 2-17. Dog and puppies were found to offer the following benefits:

Provided them a sense of security

Decreased meltdowns

Decreased anxiety and acts of aggression

Increased a willingness to try new things

Increased the ability to face fearful situations

Encouraged verbal communication

Increased social interactions and shifted the focus away from the child’s disability

Golden Valley Doodles, Inc. primary goal is to consistently produce Kid Friendly companions. We believe every child should grow up with a dog, and Dr Battaglia’s research supports our position.

It’s more than just a pet. It’s not “just a dog”. It’s a family member, it’s enrichment, it’s betterment for our youth. GVD is here to provide you with the perfect companion who will love your children like you do.




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